Crime, Court Appearances and Road Traffic Offences

Most people foresee that someday they will avail of the services of a solicitor in relation to the sale or purchase of a house or alternatively, in relation to an accident be it motor accident, work related or a trip and fall. They would not see themselves requiring the services of a criminal lawyer. 

However, it is remarkably easy to fall foul of the rigours of the Criminal Law – be it hopping into a car and forgetting to put on your seat belt or parking on double yellow lines. If ever faced with a summons for a minor road traffic offence or a serious crime, you will be glad to have an experienced criminal lawyer at your side. 

The legal principles are the same for virtually all offences and our solicitors have the knowledge and the requisite court experience so as to enable you to determine at an early stage the best approach to take regarding your case.

The burden of proof in any criminal case lies with the prosecution (generally the State) and the prosecution has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or jury. This is a very high standard of proof and in advising a client it is important to take all of the facts in to account. In all serious criminal cases the defendant is entitled to be furnished with all of the evidence that will be used in the case beforehand and this is of course of great assistance.

Having acted in many high profile cases in recent years, John Casey and Company are well positioned to advise clients in all areas of Criminal Law.


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