Chance encounters often lead to unexpected results.  It was the summer of 1936 when Judge Michael Comyn met his cousin, John Casey who had been tasked with getting refreshments for friends and family while saving hay in North Clare.  Having established the young man’s identity, the Judge asked him what he planned to do on leaving school to which John (or Seán as he was more commonly known) replied: “Farming like my father and grandfather before him.”  The Judge enquired as to whether he would like to become a lawyer instead and anxious to get back to the meitheal Seán replied that he would, without really giving much thought to the matter.  Judge Comyn set off in his car having assured his young relation that he would speak to his father about it.

True to his word, the Judge spoke with Seán’s father who determined that the youth should be given the opportunity of pursuing a legal career despite the straitened circumstances of the Economic War.  On 7th November, 1936, Seán swopped the fields of Rinneen for the Four Courts in Dublin when he commenced his apprenticeship with Plunkett Kenney, Esq. in 21 Lincoln Place.  

Having been conferred as a Solicitor in 1941, Seán returned to Ennis where he established his practice in Greenlawn.  The firm moved to its present location in Bindon House on 25th May, 1979.

When Seán’s eldest daughter, Deirdre qualified as a Solicitor in 1971, few people could have foreseen that seven of her siblings would follow suit.  But that is exactly what happened.  Niamh was conferred in 1976 and was shortly followed by Nuala in 1977.  Niall was next to qualify in 1978.  Emer received her Parchment in 1983 and John, Junior his in 1987.  David was admitted to the Rolls in 1988 with Rory gaining admission in 1991.  Remarkably, all eight solicitors have worked with John Casey & Company at one time or another

And so, the story which began with a chance encounter over 75 years ago continues to the present day with several members of the latest generation of Casey’s pursuing careers in the law.  Briseann an dúchas…